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The new SAF DS 50 Plus has been redesigned to allow the use of independent tensioning brace arms. The new designs amplified capacity as well. The SAF DS series angle rolls were designed to overcome the problems associated with standard machines designed for large profiles which cannot roll small diameter thin wall sections. With all three rolls driven and the top roll adjustable in the vertical plane, you are able to easily accomplish the rolling of large heavy structural sections and small diameter thin wall sections on the same machine. Gears made of specialty alloy steel are cut from solid blanks make the machine durable and dependable. Three smooth driving rolls are useful for bending iron, aluminum, and stainless steel sections and tubes. For large radius work the machine can be tilted to work in the horizontal position. The top roll is adjusted hydraulically controlling the radius and allows accurate repeatability. On the hydraulically adjustable models, the roll travel is achieved via push button controls and a mechanical stop to have the repeatability between each piece.


Stock #: 2470
Model: SAF DS 50 HV
Manufacturer: TAURING


Shaft Diameter 1.57" ( 40 mm)
Shaft Usable Length 3.74" ( 95 mm)
Roll Diameter 5.74"
Shaft Speed 10 RPM / 20 RPM
Main Motor 3 Hp
Weight 350 Kg
Dimensions 30" W x 46.4"L x 53.15"H

Equipped with:

Universal Standard Rolls
Digital Readout
Top Roll Hydraulic Adjustment
Pedal Unit with emergency push button
2 - Speed Motor
Tilting Mono- Block Base
Service Wrenches & Spanner Wrenches
Instruction Book

Options for the Machine:

Capacity can be increased to 1/4" with the following Options:
Side Straightener for Leg-In Angle - $ 1,350.00
Independent Tensioning Brace Arms - $ 1,350.00
( suggested i=to increase capacity )
Staircase Device - $ 3,225.00
Bar Twisting Device - $ 3,870.00
Polyvalent Rolls in Lieu of Standard rolls
$ 1,250.00